Family Forever Puppies

From Bryce about his Shiba Inu Toshi:



Thought you might like some pictures.  We’ve named him Toshi.  He’s been a really sweet pup.  He slept most of the way home and he’s been sleeping all night.  When I take him on walks everyone wants to pet him.  He hasn’t met a stranger yet.  We started puppy training last week and he got to meet some other pups and dogs from an adult Cane Corso to a toy mini pincher. 



From Adam about his Shiba Inu Equity:


‪Equity is doing great...95% potty trained besides when she gets so excited to see us when we get home from work. She is a great girl and you were right... loves attention, which we love! She has adjusted well and likes playing outside, fetch and with her cousin mya (pix attached). She is a beautiful dog and the vet said she was show quality which we already knew!‬

‪She barely barks, has no food aggression and loves everyone and most other dogs.. so a great bred in temperament but we figured that after meeting her mom and dad on pick up...‬

Thanks so much for taking care of her and being a great breeder. We were blessed to have crossed paths and found you!‬


From Amber about her Shiba Inu Koda:

Hi Karen,

I can't believe it's been over a year since I sent you the last update. Time flies.. He's a wonderful dog and we're so happy we got him from you.

We have a new addition to our family as well. We had a daughter and Koda has been wonderful with her. He's very tolerate of her crying and he's always sniffing her and he'll even give her kisses. He even seems to be more protective. He barks when people come to visit and when UPS delivers. Once visitors pet him, he's fine, but he lets us know when someone is here. :)


From Julie in Texas about her Shiba Inu Mingo:

Just wanted you to know that our puppy is doing well. His name is Mingo. He is growing and learning new tricks every day. He is very smart - stubborn - but he learns very quickly. I want to thank you for house breaking him - that has saved us a lot of time and effort - and he does very well. Thank you again, he is a wonderful edition to our family!


From Kayla in Illinois about her Shiba Inu Zoey:

Hi Karen,

Everything is going great so far. Zoey is doing really well I think. The car ride went fine and she's only had a few accidents since shes been home. She's been pretty good with letting us know when she needs to go out. She's very playful and definitely loves to chew on things but we love her and we're excited to finally have her home. She's definitely a spoiled puppy.


From Wei in California about her Shiba Inu BenBen:

Hi Karen,

Thank you so much to bring BenBen to our home. He had a safe trip, and has settled down at the new home with our family. He's a happy boy, energetic and cute, he's born to be star, from airport to home, to anywhere he is the focus. Everybody wants to touch this cute fluffy 'lil biscuit.

Thank you for the extra dog food and all docs. He will miss you and his home town. I'll take more photos and keep you updated. Feel so lucky to know you and have BenBen join us.

Have a great weekend

From Carlos and Richard in California about their Shiba Inu Ceviche:

Dear Karen,

The puppy is doing great and we love him very much. He is enjoying his classes at the Petsmart store and is the smartest puppy in the class. He is proceeding with his vaccinations and is in perfect health and growing nicely. We have not had him out much at the advice of the vet yet, we need one more shot, but he loves his home and has accustomed very well. He can run around at incredible speeds, but is generally very careful, does not chew furniture and behaves and obeys well for a puppy his age. He is nearly potty trained, still working on it. Again, thanks for sending us such a beautfiul dog, our Ceviche. We will keep in touch with you on his progress.

From Sandra in New York about her Shiba Inu Didier:

Puppy Didier is doing great and we have a vet check up appointment, stool sample and further immunization set up. Thanks again, Karen! He is a wonderful, loving and well-tempered dog. What a sweet, obedient pup. That says something about your training!



From Suzanne in Nebraska about her Shiba Inu Zuki:

Zuki is a joy! She is so smart and so fiesty. My vet offered to buy her from me and said she is a perfect shiba inu and should be a show dog! She is very happy and healthy. I love her and my other shiba inu is warming up to her.



From Tara in New York about her Shiba Inu Nacho:

Hi Karen,

Happy New Year! Hope you had a great holiday! Thought I would send you a couple of photos of is him enjoying a taste of our empty Champagne bottle on New Year's Eve and the other was his first snow expereince in Ohio over Christmas. He loved burying his nose in the snow, trying to get down to the grass! It was funny. The last one is just a cute picture of him passed our on his favorite toy. He's doing great, has all his shots now and his "big day" (of surgery, that is) will be here before we know it. Hope all is great with you!!

Talk to you agin soon,


From Lindsey in Iowa about her Shiba Inu Suki:

Hi Karen!

I just wanted to give you an update on Suki. She is doing very well! She will be 4 months old on the 12th and is getting so big! We never have a dull moment with her :) she is always making us smile. She didn't take long to potty train at all and hasn't been chewing on our things too much, she's got plenty of toys to keep her busy! She loves playing with my sister's puggle when she comes to visit, they are only 4 months apart and have so much fun together! Thank you for being such a great breeder and taking care of her the first 2 months. We couldn't be happier to have her as part of our family! I've attached some pictures as well, she is 2 months old in the first one and 3 months old in the other 2. Thanks again for everything.

From Theo and Erica in Alabama about their Shiba Inu Barry:

Karen;) Thank you so much for being the best shiba breeder ever! Barry has been such a good boy, and you can send his nieces and nephews to us anytime....seriously! We love him to death!!!

Thanks Friend,

Erica & Theo

From Amber and Steve in Connecticut about their Shiba Inu Koda:

Hi Karen,

I just wantd to send you a quick note to let you know how Koda is doing. He is doing wonderfully! He never once peed in the house. He really did come potty trained. Every time I tell someone we never had to potty train him, they don't believe me. He is so smart and a quick learner. He's so full of energy! We got him to sit, down, up, left paw, right paw, high five, jump, and double high five within the first three weeks! We're still working on rollover. He'll start puppy kindergarden (socialization) next weekend. Steve and I just love having him in our family, although he has also found a love for my shoes...I've attached a picutre we just took last weekend in our backyard.

Thank you so much for being so patient with me and all my questions. The hardest part was waiting. We're so happy we got him from you!

Thank you,

Amber & Steve

From Lauren in Texas about her Shiba Inu Kohana:

Everything is going great! I absolutely love Kohana. She is an amazing dog as well as more than I expected. She does great in the house. I don't even have to crate or baby gate her. She gets along with the cats too. I took her to my mom's house on the creek and she loved running around on our acre + of land. She kept jumping in and out of the koi pond! I also was witness to the "shiba scream" when I left for work one day, forgot something, and was then surprised to see her on the couch with her head thrown up letting it rip! She also is not a running trail dog, which is fine with me. I took her to Memorial Park, a huge jogging trail with hundreds of people, and instead of running next to me she laid down in the middle of the path. I had to drag her a little bit to get her to stand up. Basically, I was the only dog owner who was carrying their dog! Altogether, I have enjoyed my adventures with Kohana and would like to thank you for allowing her to be in my life.

From Sherry in New Jersey about her Shiba Inu Simba:

Attached are a few pictures of Simba (some are from a couple of weeks ago and the one where he is in the snow is pretty recent). He is healthy, and growing up so fast! We all love him very much!

From Tracy in Illinois about her Shiba Inu Miley:


Miley is the most amazing little girl, we love her dearly, she is very smart, and wiley, everywhere we go with her people are just amazed at how beautiful she is.



Our little Miley is perfect, we just love her so much, she is great at going potty outside, when I go to work I can't wait to get home to play with her, and give her kisses and hugs.

Thank you for such a perfect little puppy,


From Melissa in California about her Shiba Inu Shiba:

Hi Karen!

Shiba is doing very well, the happiest puppy, loves all of her aunts and uncles and is always full of curiosity, spunk and shiba smiles :) She has made me very happy. I would of course be ok with being a reference.

I attached a couple of pictures for you to see as well :)



From Jennifer in Florida about her Shiba Inu Ronin:

Hello Karen I don't mind if you use me as a reference. I would love to tell them how great the pup is and how great you are. Tanner is Ronin now and very handsome. He is so playful and so happy. I am so happy I got him from you. This was the best thing ever.

I hope you are well,


From Austin in Texas about his Shiba Inu Kobi:

Pick up went so well! We already love him so much! He's very smart though and has taken well to my pomeranian. I'll attach some photos.


From Rick in Iowa about their Shiba Inu Koda:

Well, we got home from our 2 hour trip and I though we would give Koda the grand tour and then practice the bathroom process. He walked around for about 30 seconds and found his new puppy bed, climbed on it and peed :) He has been doing really good ever since. We have a puppy pad that he uses at night if he can't wait it out. He's only used it twice. He's never pooped inside so that's excellent. The kids are having a blast and he appears to be settling in pretty well. We have a ton of picutres, but this one is awesome!

From Kelly in California about her Shiba Inu Cooper:

Hi there:

It's been a year since I got my shiba inu from the farm. I just want to give you an update on how the baby boy is doing in my family. I named him Cooper, his parents are Tucker and Meka. He's doing so well and brings a lot of happiness to the family. He's also doing well with my cat, they are about the same age and have been the best friends.




Just wanted to give you an update on Hanako. She is healthy, so much fun and is full of energy. She is an adorable puppy! She looks identical to my first one and I am thoroughly enjoying her.

As I said before, your Shiba Inus have authentic and classic look. I've seen many people that claim the heritage of their dogs, but they do not have the classic look.

Feel free to use her pix for marketing purposes. Thanks for doing a good job!



Hi Karen!

I can't believe he is already one! He is perfect, everyone loves him. We may have a party for him on Sunday in the park in front of our building!

Thanks again so much. I'm very glad I found you and your shibas because I can't imagine having any other one. He loves his dog neighbors, he remembers all his tricks from school...he even knows which garage in the alley is ours and waits for us to open it so he can ride in the car.

He's such a good boy. He's the best boy.

Thanks again!


Hi Karen,

Thought you'd like an update on the puppy. We named her Belle and she is an absolute doll. Shes always the life of the party and everyone wants to say hi to her and her to them. My husband and I couldn't love her more.

Thank you so much,



I thought I would share this photo of "Reba", our new puppy. She is just beautiful and we just love her.



Her name is Miley! She is such a treat!! She loves the snow!! Happy Thanksgiving

She is adorable and very much loved and has been so much fun!

She didn't make it far before falling asleep.

Pictured above is Clark. His parents are Millie and Chester and he is almost 1 year old in these pictures.


      We wanted to thank you again for bringing Luna into this world. She is so adorable and sweet and we love her so much. She has adapted very well to her new home and is almost potty trained. She loves to run around in the wet grass after a warm summer rain and enjoys the company of other dogs and humans. We couldn't have asked for a better puppy!

Maria & Ricardo

Ozzie the goldendoodle

" We absolutely love and adore him..he is the best dog anyone could ask for!"


1 year


Molly - Almost 5 months old, 28 lbs. She is smart, sweet, lovable, seldom barks and gets along with other dogs. We really love her.



Happy first birthday!

Thank you, Kenji has been a joy for the past year.

He is awesome. Loves his home. Gets to sleep in bed with us in the evening and doesn't have many accidents.

Pictured is Sophie enjoying her new home in Arizona.

Zeke graduated from his beginner Education class!

You can follow some of our puppies on instagram!! I love watching these babies grow up, it warms my heart to see them so happy!

6 months old

Response on one of our goldendoodle puppies: Just wanted to let you know my son named him Jack and he also ended up sleeping with him in his bed last night. Potty training is going great! No accidents. It took less than 10 minutes to get acquainted and get along with our other 2 dogs. Jack has been great! My son is so happy to have his own "best friend". Thank you again

I wanted to update you on this precious boy. He has settled right in to his new home. He is the smartest best boy ever. And he's a little bit of a clown. We love him so much.

Molly is now 8 months old. This is her before and after going to the groomer pictures. She is a joy. We can take her anywhere, she never begs. She behaves so well that no one believes she is as young as she is. I am considering training her for a therapy dog.

Hi Karen,

      I just wanted to send you an update on Kubo. He has been adjusting very well from day one and is such a happy pup! Everyone adores him. He is learning so fast, using his pee pads and understands to potty when we take him outside. He's learned several tricks as well. Everyday he amazes me with his intelligence and wonderful personality. You did an incredible job raising him and I wanted to say thank you for sending us the perfect puppy!

What an angel. We absolutely love her!

Hi Karen,

Just wanted to let you know how nicely our pup, Gus, is fitting in here. He gets his last vaccination tomorrow, potty training has been fairly easy, he has taken to leash walks really quickly, his temperament seems great (we haven't had around too many dogs until he finishes his shots) and he arrived kennel trained.  As far as puppies go, he's been a dream. Even our 12 year old dog has grown to like him (most of the time).

It was a risk for us to buy a puppy sight unseen but it paid off. Maybe we'll even come back for a golden doodle in a year or so! These photos show him at four months (taken today). He loves the beach! Thank you.

Just an update on sweet Gus. He's a precious smart mess. He now weighs 31 lbs.  He is completely house trained and makes us laugh constantly. He had his booster today and is absolutely perfect. We love home so much.

Hi Karen,

Honey is doing great and is one very loved dog. We can't wait for her first Christmas with us. Santa will definitely be stopping by for her.  House training was so easy with her and she's so smart. She learns commands easily. We just love her!

Good morning Karen.  I just wanted to update you on our precious boy.  He had his first visit with our vet on Monday and he is very healthy and smart.  He was 11 weeks old yesterday and already weighs 20.5 lbs.  He's such a good sweet boy.  He does have a bit of a split personality.  He's the sweetest most loving cuddle bug living in the same body as the Tasmanian Devil.  He keeps us laughing all the time.  He has become an excellent ball player and loves all of his toys.  Our house looks like we run a puppy daycare, but with toys everywhere he hasn't chewed on anything he isn't supposed to.  Thank you so much for breeding such an amazing little man.

I hope you and your family are having a good holiday season.

Thanks again,


They are such great buddies!


I thought I would reach out to you since today is already Rupert's 1st birthday! Hard to believe he is already a year old.

I am so incredibly happy with my decision to get a dog from you and your family. I tell people constantly to check out your guys' page and constantly talk about how happy I am with Rupert. He is my absolute best friend. He is so smart and knows so many tricks, he's such a lover, and he is so goofy! I didn't know what to expect since I have never had a corgi in my life but he is so perfect! He is a healthy healthy boy who is spoiled rotten!

Thank you again for allowing me to have such a wonderful best friend. He is just 2 weeeks away from getting his therapy dog license! It was a nice surprise to get your card in the mail!

Hope all is well with everyone and hope you have lots of puppies to come!

Lots of love,

Allyson & Rupert

Thank you so much for the lovely christmas card! Unfortunately we were not able to do one this year. Kenny has gotten so big and is so full of personality. He loves to spend his days with his "Brother" Dakota. Dakota is my roommates dog who is a German Shepherd-Husky mix. They are the best of friends. Our back yard is about a third of an acre and has lots of squirrels and owls that like to hang out in the trees. They spend lots of their days chasing squirrels from tree to tree. It is surprising how well Kenny can keep up with Dakota. Kenny loves to go to his "Grandma's" house every Sunday where he loves to be spoiled with lots of love/ attention and when I'm not looking some table scraps. He is doing so well and is a perfect fit for our little family. I attached some photos so you can see how cute he has become. I could not thank you enough for giving me my best friend.

Hi Karen,

We have been meaning to reach out to tell you how Addie is doing. She continues to be great pup- so confident and social. She does well with everyone including kids and other dogs. She fits right in Loki (Black Lab) and our little family.

She goes to the dog park about 5 days per week and loves to chase and be chased by other dogs. She loves fetch too.

Hank 1 year old

8 weeks

5 months

Almost 1 year

The above picutres show the changes in haircoat over the course of a goldendoodles first year.

Nemo is a very energetic puppy that loves water and always getting into the laundry. He loves the dog park and seeing other dogs! He weighs about 50lbs now and the girls at the vets office love him!

Jax traveled well and is very much a cuddler. He has settled in so well in 2 days, potty trianing is incredible. He is so smart and we are so in love with him!

At her first vet check Gracie was 9 lbs. The vet was very impressed by her!

She has been a wonderful addition to our family. We are in love with her!

Gracie before and after her haircut

Hi Karen--

I just want to thank you for everything!! Umi arrived yesterday safe & sound!! He's an absolutely adorable, happy, healthy puppy & we instantly fell in love!! I really appreciate all of your help, patience, & understanding with regards to buying the newest addition to the Chen family & we really can't thank you enough for helping us add this little guy to our family!! You definitely make buying an "out of town puppy" an amazing experience. You hear so many horror stories about scams & bad breeders & you certainly proved all of those experiences WRONG!! From the very beginning you were there with photos & communication & made us feel like we went to the breeders & picked Umi out!! Thank you again-we'll keep you updated with Umi's progress!! Have a wonderful day!!



Hi Karen, now a better photo of Ugo. He is pretty much potty trained and has started sleeping the whole night. He is adorable. We love him. Thank you very much.

She has turned out to be quite a dog. Plays with other dogs, no leash at places that welcome dogs in Colorado, best retriever we've had, most athletic, and really sweet. Everyone is amazed at how calm she is - will likely enroll her as a therapy dog for elementary schoolr reading. She has been many times to the Alzheimers facility where Beth's 91 year old mother resides and the people love her.

My happy black and gold Hawkeye puppies! Alli is such a sweetheart and has brought great companionship to Jax. We love them both so much. Thanks again for letting us pick such joy to have in our lives! They are such smart dogs. Never really had to potty train Alli, she just knew.

Morning Karen, Gakki has settled quickly and pretty well last night. She is so adorable and very happy. We are so surprised about how incredibly well potty trained she is . Thank you so much

I just wanted to send you an updated picture of our puppy. His name is Bentley and he is the most adorable little man and is amazingly smart! We want to thank you again for giving us the perfect addition to our family!

Henry and his brother Theo! They are the best of friends now. Today we took Henry to his first nursing home, and he did great! He is the calmest puppy and loves attention. I definitely want to get him registered as a therapy dog in the future. We also took him on his first family vacation camping, and he slept the entire 12 hour drive. He weighs 30 pounds now. He is the best little puppy, and we love him so much! Just thought you'd enjoy another little update.